October 2, 2015

Elk Season is Here

With Elk archery season in the mountains are full of bugles, primarily from other hunters attempting to call a nice bull in since the bulls themselves haven’t really started in yet. Archery started the second week in September here the weather has been perfect for hitting the mountains.

Though I’d say I am much better with a rifle I do attempt to get out for archery since I love having the advantage of getting to go after the big bull a few weeks before most other hunters do, depending on if you’re hunting the back-country or not. Below is the 2015 Montana elk & deer schedule I got from the Montana fish, wildlife & parks site (here’s the link).Elk Season


Additionally wolf also came in for archery on the 5th yet ends today. It comes back in tomorrow for rifle. I’m hoping a lot of hunters have some luck with the wolves and can put a dent in the packs.

Anyone who knows me personally knows my distaste for the wolves and their destructive effects on the ecosystem. Many anti-hunters will rant that humans are the only creatures that kill for enjoyment…yea not true.

First of all I hunt, I don’t kill for pleasure. My only reasons for killing an animal are for either food to put in the freezer, for pest control, or for security reasons. Killing wolves falls within the last two categories. They destroy elk and deer herds by killing for pleasure and they also pose a threat to humans and their pets. You try explaining to a little 10 year old girl who’s puppy was killed by wolves that it’s ok because the city folk who have a heavy hand in the passing of legislation aimed at protecting these animals wants them there. People who don’t live in our shoes and have to deal with these vicious beasts on a daily basis are making laws that don’t affect them. I was in joy when the wolves’ tyranny ended by allowing us to hunt them in Idaho and Montana. They are beasts with a mission to kill everything…thinking about this now, I think I may dedicate a future blog post solely to the affects wolves have had on the ecosystem and indirectly on the economy as a result. For now I’ll be done with this rant.

Back to Elk season, I’m hoping that over the next couple days the elk start talking a little more. I think maybe some of these fires and warm weather are pushing them out a little further in terms of being responsive. The spot I’m in is a newer place from where I’ve gone in the past, I had seen a herd up in here a couple weeks back and tracking their activity since.

There’s been a nice 5×5 in the herd that I’d like to get just haven’t had them come through at the right time. Since they’re still not talking back as I bugle it makes it a little difficult since I’m relying on setting up in the right spot and having them walk by. The calling them over isn’t an option now, but I hope that’ll change over the next couple days.

Usually if I wanted to get close I’d just wear my HECS suit and if I moved slowly I could practically walk right up to them. Unfortunately I accidentally got my knife caught on my suit the first morning and tore a big hole in it. I’ve ordered another suit that’s on the way though so hopefully once that arrives I can get back to the up close stalking I’m used to doing while wearing it.

I know some aren’t believers in this suit, I originally was a little iffy but after reading this HECS suit review I figured I couldn’t knock it until I tried it. Glad I did because I honestly do think it gives me an advantage in the woods. For others not sure about it, visit the site in those links or just check out the Amazon reviews here. If others don’t want to try it then that’s their decision, just means I’ll have an advantage over more hunters in the woods!

Anyway, that’s my update for now. Hopefully my next will be of me and a nice bull elk.